The Most Common Spring Roof Problems in Nashville (And How We Can Help)

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“Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s party!’” – Robin Williams, actor


The enjoyment of spring! Warmer days ahead, chilly days behind. Kindness seems to be all around us. We are excited to leave the home for longer periods and enjoy the fresh clean springtime air. We may even begin the excitement of yard work and outdoor maintenance! 

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One of the items that must be found on that routine maintenance list is inspecting the roof of your home. Many times our homes take a beating from the chilly weather that winter can provide. Here are some things to look out for when doing a roof inspection, and how to fix them. 


Damaged Shingles

Even though a good solid asphalt roof can last nearly 25 years, it is wise to keep watch for curled, buckled, or broken shingles. These areas of damage can cause water to seep through, moss or mold to grow, or leakage into your home. If you notice damaged shingles, be sure to get them fixed right away before the spring and summer rainstorms cause more complications



Have you considered the state of your gutter system? This part of your roofing system can easily be overlooked, but it is essential to water displacement. Here are some key points to ask when looking at the gutter system:

  • Are the gutters pulling away from the home? 
  • Are there areas of rust?
  • Are the fasteners loose?
  • Is the gutter paint chipping? 
  • Do the gutters need to be cleaned out? 
  • Is there evidence of plants growing in the gutters?


Take some time to thoroughly inspect the gutters so they can serve you throughout the upcoming years. 


Nesting Animals

The roofs of our homes offer many areas where little critters can start their families. We, of course, would prefer they do that family-building out in nature and not on our homes! Gutters, chimney areas, and loose shingles are excellent areas for small animals to build nests. Make sure to clean out any of these areas when you inspect your roof to encourage them to move along and build a nest elsewhere. 


Failed Sealants

Take some time and look around the areas which have been previously sealed. Do they need to be re-caulked? Has the cold and ice caused cracks in the sealants? 


If you are unsure of just what to look for, call Undersun Roofing in Nashville for any areas that need extra special attention. Including sealing up areas that may not be prepared for the upcoming seasons. 

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Nearby Trees

One may not realize the importance of reviewing the stature of a nearby tree when discussing common springtime roofing problems. However, as those trees grow, the branches and limbs can reach out over a home and during a strong summer storm, break off and cause damage to the roof. By taking some time in the spring, and trimming back trees, the chances of broken limbs falling on a roof are minimized.  


Please call an expert tree specialist when you notice areas to be trimmed back. They are skilled and have the proper equipment to successfully and safely trim a tree with ease and professionalism. (Learn how to extend your roof life in 9 ways.)


Place your trust in a roofing company in Nashville that knows the importance of a safe and secure roofing system. Undersun Roofing strives to provide top-notch quality materials and excellent customer service. We make sure to treat every home as if it were our very own, never cutting corners, and educating our customers every step of the way. 


Give us a call today and let’s prepare your roof for an excellent spring season!

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